AIRRS capablities represent a broad spectrum in civil works, building works, scale, function, location, systems, materials and technology, and encompass concept to complete and deliver the project on time.


Services Overview

Every project is unique in scope, but our in house process is systemically applied to each project. We seek to get involved early in the design phase so that we can manage the project more efficiently, provide effective building solutions, and identify challenges early on to mitigate design changes after construction commencement. This involves detailed pre-construction planning crucial to successful construction and on-time delivery, and allows the client and team a clear pathway to the bidding process, construction phase, and through to completion.

Preconstruction Services

AIRRS in-house teams provide pre-construction services to evaluate constructability, analyze cost and feasibility and devise appropriate solutions to deliver the project in accordance to the clients needs. Our preconstruction services utilize our management, estimating and technical services to effectively study a project prior to a construction commencement, and involve the following:

  • valuation of site conditions and coordination of surveys consistent with the building program
  • Tracking of design development specifications to meet client conformance
  • Development of a phasing and master project schedule
  • Preparation of a concept budget and detailed trade-by-trade cost estimate
  • Development of a comprehensive cash flow projection
  • Perform value engineering
  • Provide purchasing power that meets procurement requirements of any project
  • Prepare logistical plan working in tandem with project professionals during the design phase to ensure drawings and specifications incorporate cost effective building methods
  • Perform studies of designated materials, systems and equipment, their availability, cost and scheduling impact
  • Provide cost savings, alternate systems and materials recommendations
  • Develop material and labor procurement strategies
  • Establish list of pre-qualified subcontractors and initiation of competitive bid procedures for trades
  • Conduct scope and trade bid review meetings and provide recommendations of subcontractor awards in each trade whose price, staffing and competence will yield the best results.
  • Risk analysis and insurance planning
  • Implementation of progress and cost reporting systems
  • Development of affirmative action plan
  • Development of a site safety plan

Construction Management & General Contracting Services

As construction manager and general contractor, Airrs’s involvement begins from the earliest stages of design through to client occupancy. the project team transitions its day-to-day activities to a field site operation to provide hands-on supervisory services. Our scope of services during the construction phase includes:

  • Assuming responsibility for construction means, methods, sequencing and procedures
  • Coordinating and supervising work performed by trades and outside suppliers for quality, completeness, schedule, and conformity with plans and specifications
  • Oversight of all shop drawings and material quality sampling
  • Expediting and securing all permits, licenses, inspections, sign-offs, and occupancy certificates required by jurisdictional agencies
  • Providing cost, quality, inventory control transparency, monitoring and reporting
  • Scheduling, delivery, receipt and proper storage of all long lead systems and materials.
  • Monitoring conformance of design requirements
  • Maintaining and updating project schedules
  • Holding on-going project meetings with client and trades to monitor job progress
  • Management of change orders and general conditions
  • Establishing procedures for monthly requisitions
  • Monitoring of material installations
  • Implementation and training of site safety and crisis management plan protocols
  • Developing a community relations program
  • Comprehensive punch list services
  • Coordination with municipal authorities, governmental agencies, and utility companies
  • Upon substantial completion of construction, examine work to assure efficacy, quality and proper commissioning of equipment

Construction Consultant Services

AIRRS has guided numerous private and institutional clients in implementing construction programs to meet their programmatic needs. Clients seek our services to consult with distressed asset situations, or with a need for construction and development process expertise. We provide guidance on cost effective building solutions and critical path mapping to completion. With a track record of completing projects on time and within budget, and our ability to guaranty completion, getting a project off the ground or back on track are invaluable resources for which AIRRS can deliver.

  • Site evaluation
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Estimating
  • Value engineering
  • Evaluation of existing in-place construction programs and recommendations on means and methods to execute completion
  • Quality control evaluation and monitoring
  • Project scheduling and management
  • Implementation of cost control protocols
  • Formation of subcontractor scope of work and trade bid analysis
  • Site safety and crisis management plan protocols
  • Government and municipal agency approvals

LEED and Sustainable Building Services

With decades of experience in sustainable design consulting, we bring more to the table than just our knowledge of LEED credits. We go the extra mile to ensure you get a high-performance building of enduring value, while achieving LEED certification.

We have experience with the four LEED® rating systems and the various adaptations that address multiple project types:

  • LEED® for Building Design and Construction (LEED® BD+C)
  • LEED® for Interior Design and Construction (LEED® ID+C)
  • LEED® for Building Operations and Maintenance (LEED® O+M)
  • LEED® for Neighborhood Development (LEED® ND)